Introducing H2H 2021!

The Ride of Your Life!


April 24th - 29th

Pleiku (Highland) to Quy Nhon (Coast)

350km +, 30% Off-road Cycling


In partnership with Mr Biker Vietnam.

Providing Education for children in Vietnam.


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H2H Ride for Vietnam

Cycling from Hanoi to HCMC to provide education for children in Vietnam.

H2H Vision

For all Vietnam’s children to have access to the education and opportunities they need in order to fulfill their potential in life.

H2H Mission Statement

H2H exists to help break the cycle of poverty in the lives of Vietnam’s poorest children and youth, in the following ways:

  • By cycling 2000km annually for 1 month from Hanoi to HCMC to raise vital funds for child poverty alleviation

  • By partnering with like-minded children’s charities engaged in education and civil society building in Vietnam

  • By giving its volunteer riders the motivation and experience to affect positive change for the rest of their lives.

“Give a child a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach a child to fish and you feed her for a lifetime"

H2H is entirely run by volunteers, with organizational support from its charity partners and corporate partners and an H2H advisory Board made up of our founders and past leaders.

100% of donations go straight to our charity partners as all ride expenses are covered by the riders and corporate sponsors. The ride provides an opportunity to give something back to Vietnam as well as having the trip of a lifetime! The first H2H ride was in 2009 and H2H has been fundraising every year since then.

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The Route

Every year the H2H team cycles 2000km through breathtaking scenery over 28 days, including 3 rest days, at an average of 80km per day. The route follows the inland Ho Chi Minh Highway from Hanoi to HCMC, covering parts of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail and avoiding the traffic and tourists of the much busier coastal Highway 1. It’s an opportunity to discover rural Vietnam at its best whilst raising vital funds for some of Vietnam’s leading children’s charities.


Give us a month and we’ll give you the trip of a lifetime!  

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